POL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Endangerment, Toeic

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10 Nov 2020
360 adj. beneficial
failure to perform a duty; option on a computer which is automatically
(e) custody; property; asset; control; ownership
(f) to visit; to spend time in a place; to remain temporarily; to lodge
(g) department in a company that develops new products
(h) one who makes a journey
(i) to create; to conceive; to produce; to conceptualize
n. victim
(a) headway; forward movement; development; advancement
(b) to act as an agent on behalf of a person or organization; to symbolize
Q9 (b) to enter information into a chart; to postpone; to set aside for future
(c) with relation to
(d) quickness; velocity; transmission gear in a motor vehicle
(e) to convey; to give; to bring; to distribute; to express
(f) to plan; to invent; to design
(g) to be indebted to; to be under obligation to pay or repay
(h) refers to the cost of developing a product or system
commercial and market information that indicates overall economic trends
(j) to train; to accustom; to adapt; to stipulate; to prepare
(k) player positioned at the front of the offensive line (Sports)
(l) to glide; to sneak; to slide; to decline; to deteriorate; to make a mistake
(m) feasible; workable; applicable; useful; efficacious
(n) beginning; introductory
(o) to annoy; to bother; to aggravate; to anger
(p) to endanger; to place in danger; to imperil; to put at risk
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