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11 Apr 2011

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Chapter v: how to govern cities and p rincipalities that, Morad moazami: even rulers are followers to some extent: machiavelli notes at the start of. Chapter vi that aspiring princes are always inclined to imitate the examples of great men. However, a state acquired by a ruler"s natural skill will prove easier to maintain control over. Chapter v i i: concerning new p rincipalities acquired with the arms and fortunes of others. Power through fortune: sometimes private citizens become princes purely by good fortune, such people: receive favors from someone else in power, They do not know how to deal with problems, command troops, or keep their power in the face of opposition: princes who succeed on their own prowess have built a strong foundation for themselves. www. notesolution. com. machiavelli cites the life of cesare borgia (also called duke.

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