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POL200Y1 Final: Aristotle notes final exam pol200

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Political Science
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  
!" "
  # ""
   
 $ %
 ""
& 
# ""'"
 "
   " "
) 
(    
&" "*"+"
 *,-"* 
(  
  
 
#  0
1  2
 " 
(  "
   
 ""
# "
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Aristotle notes final exam pol200 The politics book I , II and III.  Every community is made in pursuit to some good.  The state is the best kind of community so it must also aim at the best kind of good.  Using scientific method we see that by seeing the factors that make up a state we can see the different types of government. Seeing something from first growth will understand it best.  The first community begins because they need bare necessities of life an it stays for the sake of the ‘good life’.  The nature of things is its end . when things are completely developed we say that is their nature. Man by nature a political animal and by nature cant live without a state. Man only has a sense of good and evil made apparent by speech.  State precedes the family because the whole always precedes the part; without the body existing a foot cannot exist on its own.  The property and function of a hand is fulfilled when it is part of the body we cant say a hand is complete or even the same when it is alone. Person in a state analogy. Reasoning is because things are defined by their function.  Proof that state prior to human nature is human is not self sufficient alone if he is he is a god or a beast.  Man when separated from law and justice is the worst animal. When in law best.  Administration of justice -> determining what is just  is the principle of order in political society.  Property is part of household and art of gaining property is household management for no man can live well unless he has necessities. In managing a household you need the proper instruments some instruments are living such as servants.  a possession is an instrument for maintaining life.  A possession ( slave) belongs completely to who owns it.  A possession is an instrument of action.  Some people are natural slaves by virtue of reason and fact. From birth is apparent.  In a bad person the body will rule the soul. In everything there is a ruling and a subjugated element.  Soul rules body despotically. Where intellect rules appetite constitutionally.  Slave by convention is won in war.  Constitutional rule is government of free and equal men.  Art of wealth getting is using the resources the art of household management provides.  Property is given by nature to all from birth. Art of war is realated to property.  Amount of goods needed for a good life is not unlimited.  The art of wealth getting has implied that it is unlimited. Everything has two uses proper and improper usage. Shoe is for wearing improper use is barter using a shoe. Art of exchange arises form what is natural  some having too much and others too little. Retail is not a natural part of wealth getting. (if it was proper then it would have stopped when people had enough. ) barter to satisfy natural needs is not against nature but the bad kind grew out of this.  Import and export led to the usage of money.  Once coin was discovered out of bartering for necessary items came the retail trade.  Wealth is concerned with quantity of coin but coin is only worth what we say it is how can it be wealthy if you would perish if all you had was coin.  Those who seek for better riches are right.  Retail trade is wealth creation by exchange. And is concerned with coin which makes
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