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Themes: practicing development, schisms between urban and rural development, food security, etc. State capacity: theda skocpol in bringing the state back in de nes states capacity as the means to implement of cial goals, especially over the actual or potential opposition of powerful social groups or in the face of recalcitrant socioeconomic circumstances. Buuuuut : modernization theory: changes in society will promote changes in the, marxists and dependency: class dominance; international bourgeois, migdal: state-in-society approach state capture of the state. Main historical characteristics of state-society in the colonial world. Then move into a discussion on authoritarian regimes in the third world. How elites attempt to control the masses in their societies. There are 4 main ways that have been identi ed for state-societies to exist: (1) patrimonialism refers back to max weber; patrimonial state is statehood in traditionalist terms; focus on the leader through loyalty or kinship ties.

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