POL208Y1 Study Guide - Falklands War, Militarized Interstate Dispute, Rational Agent

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What is a theory? a description, explanation, prediction, that relies on deductive reasoning not just inductive, and that can be falsifiable. Levels of analysis are variables that each affects the outcome in their own way. Each describes a specific part of reality. If we look at the personality, education, past experience, beliefs, and ideologies of the individual can we come to know why the decision was made. Would the outcome change if that individual were removed from history: decision makers. The procedures associated with certain roles such as bureaucracies. When acting on behalf of an organization you are more likely to sit where you stand, constrained by your role in that system: governmental structure. Concerned with regime type and the insensitive and constraints that a decision maker would face in these environments: society. The state s size, poverty rate, economy, culture, and history: international relations. How does their past history, geographic location and regional influences effect their actions.

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