POL208Y1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Global Brain, 2Degrees, Scientific Community

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6 Mar 2011

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Can trigger threatened existence: after failure of copenhagen, gov. In price in oil is mostly triggered by sudden events rather than taking into account a long term project: human beings not very well fitted to think beyond our lifetime experience, diff. Encounter so far has lead to national approaches rather than global solutions. __montreal protocol on ozone regime--ban on cfc: story is an interesting one b/c it reveals same patterns we can see today about clima. Capita consumption of meat increased form 60 kilos per year in 1990 to 93 kilos in 2003--developed country; in brazil-27-82 kilos per capita: the prod. Live in countries with chronic shortages of water: projected that by 2050 75% of global pop. Could face shortages of water: agriculture=75% os water use, subsidies of agriculture are a big problem/waste--but nobody willing to discuss this, if you combine problem of sustainable devlep.

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