POL208Y1 Study Guide - American Diplomacy, Stable Distribution, Analog Science Fiction And Fact

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17 Oct 2012

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Making sense of globalization chapter 1: globalization and global politics. Globalization is a long-term historical process that denotes the growing intensity of worldwide interconnectedness. However, process is unfair and can cause global friction instability, enmity, and conflict. While it directly affects the power and autonomy of national governments, it has not lead to the demise of the nation-state or of geopolitics. Sceptics argue that states and geopolitics remain the principal agents and forces shaping the world order. Globalization has led to the transformation of world politics into global politics: the politics of an embryonic global society in which domestic and world politics, even if conceptually distinct, are practically inseparable. Globalization has also lead to the change in power as it is no longer according to a national or territorial logic. Worldwide economic integration has intensified as the expansion of global commerce, finance, and production binds together the economic forces of nations.

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