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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria Wohl

POL214Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Constitution Act, 1982, Canada Act 1982, Liberal Democracy

OC939910 Page
30 Jul 2013
The house of commons has a number of functions. In the parliamentary system, a party can lose an election and still wind up as the government. Parliame
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlWinter

Both lectures on Political Culture + potential exam question

OC20843 Page
27 Jan 2011
Questions for exam- equality of life canadians have. Equality and income: what is ideology, left + right, conservatism. Contemporary + classical: the d
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlFall

Important terms for exam!

OC20416 Page
6 Dec 2010
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlFall

The Executive Lecture / Readings

OC18753 Page
16 Apr 2011
Lecture 3 september 28 th , 2010 machinery of government: the executive: why did it take until 1982 to change constitution, canadians couldn"t decide a
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlWinter

all notes

OC556633 Page
7 Apr 2011
After they created the manitoba act they asked. Formal organization of canadian government pg 231, brooks. The cabinet: they are elected by the prime m
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlFall

POL214Y1 Fall 2010 Term Review

OC644649 Page
1 Apr 2011
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlWinter

POL214Y1 Study Guide - Ultra Vires, Constitutional Documents, Corporatism

OC632918 Page
31 Mar 2011
Canada vales four things: material well being, equality, quality of life. Material well being: canada remains among the richest in terms of purchasing
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UTSGPOL214Y1Victoria WohlWinter

Textbook notes

OC222226 Page
14 Feb 2011
Legal rights: procedural aspects of law: equality rights: rule or law principle (everyone is equal under the law) Language rights: french and english a
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