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POL214Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pink-Collar Worker, Equal Opportunity, Parental Leave

Political Science
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Nelson Wiseman
Study Guide

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Women and Politics:
Psychological minority
o Women understand and feel they live in a state of dependency
o Of opportunity
That men and women should both have the freedom and choices to live life the
way they choose
Should also equally share the corresponding burdens
Two barriers for state of dependency
o Socialization of women
Traditional values dictate gender roles
Roles and responsibilities predetermined based by gender
Gender roles result in stereotypes
o Institutionalization of women
Private and public reinforce socialization, therefore pushing socialization further
as it becomes more accepted
Thomas and Young:
Women in the political process, where are they?
o Can be voters
Find women as voters do not have clear political preferences
However, majority choose centre-left which can sometimes result in them
not voting at all
o Parties
Pink collar ghettos
When women begin in low parts of parties, they get stuck with 'women
work' such as being secretaries, clerks, administration, etc regardless if
they want to or not
Once women are in these positions, party gatekeepers make it harder for
women to become candidates
Essentially made of men
If they manage to get nominated, then women become the sacrificial lambs
Parties that do not have strong amount of popularity or are able to get
The more competitive something is, the less women there are
The glass cliff
When the party is in decline, not powerful, or relatively new, they are
more willing to take a chance on females
Could be looked at as more inclusive, however once it becomes
more popular then it will change back to men
What do women do when they get to Parliament or Legislature?
o Discrimination still prevalent
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