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14 Feb 2011

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Legal rights: procedural aspects of law: equality rights: rule or law principle (everyone is equal under the law) Language rights: french and english are the official languages of canada: aboriginal rights, the uk constitution is a series of political traditions, rather than laws, which the. Cabinet: legislative brach: house of commons and senate, members of the executive branch are drawn from the legislative after a political party gains a majority of seats in the house of commons. If the majority is lost, tradition requires a resignation and a new election: responsible government, when the prime minister requires the support of a majority of members in the house of commons in order to govern. This is a combination of constitutional law and parliamentary tradition: parliamentary supremacy vs. Constitution: the enforcement of the charter is to be in the courts, relations between the house of commons and the senate, elected of house commons (lower house) and the appointed senate (upper house).

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