POL214Y1 Study Guide - Ultra Vires, Constitutional Documents, Corporatism

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Canada vales four things: material well being, equality, quality of life. Material well being: canada remains among the richest in terms of purchasing power parties. 40% women head single families fall below poverty line, under 25 poverty rate is close to 70 percent: socioeconomic mobility social stratification is high and tough to move to next bracket. Intergenerational mobility seems to be easier in canada: education was attached to parental education, fathers income have greater effect on son than daughter, etc, affluence of area closely associated with boys incomes, etc. 90% percent of time: choice of employment, situational politics: ( affirmative action, the above are reasons of inequality in canada. Ideology = set of informed beliefs about how society should work. Ideologue = political junkie (ex dennis amoakohene and neville britto) Individual personality another indicator of ideology(canadians more quiet: three positions, left right and centre, centre reps mainstream, right represents individualistic beliefs and vice versa (left= collectivist belief)

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