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POL214Y1 Study Guide - Ultra Vires, Constitutional Documents, Corporatism

Political Science
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Victoria Wohl

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POL 214 Exam Review. Second Semester
Social and Economic setting
Canada vales four things
Material Well Being
Quality of Life
Material Well Being
Canada remains among the richest in terms of purchasing power parties. This
affects problems of poverty, due to the fact our situation is better than most(ex)
Unemployment rate in Ontario is much higher due to Outsourcing, the process of
moving jobs to locations where they pay less.
This has helped the service economy become dominant compared to the blue collar
Canada has image of no poor and no rich(False)
Gap of rich and poorer less than in other industrialized countries, which social
security benefits included.
Gap is growing how ever.
Poverty Lines
oPoverty Lines are relative
oAre research tool for measuring groups of income
oSome are better than others
Native Canadians are lowest unemployed, reserve rate only half of average
Only 50% of natives get their money from working, 49% percent below poverty line
Women more likely to be poor, poverty rate is 1/3 highway

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40% women head single families fall below poverty line, under 25 poverty rate is
close to 70 percent
Socioeconomic Mobility social stratification is high and tough to move to next
bracket. Intergenerational mobility seems to be easier in Canada.
oEducation was attached to parental education
oFathers income have greater effect on son than daughter, etc.
oAffluence of area closely associated with boys incomes, etc.
Immigrants are dramatically falling behind on the economic scale, more so than
women or Aboriginals
immigrants with degrees and higher education are immigrating here, but are
earning less because there are more people that are educated
Corporate elite control a lot of wealth, reproduce through self recriumtment
Deliberate Discrimination: Predejuce some feel towards other groups.
Systemic discrimination: predejuice with out intent: (women getting custody of kids
90% percent of time.
Choice of employment
Situational politics: ( affirmative action)
The above are reasons of inequality in Canada
Quality of life
Canada has less crime and poverty than states
However Natives have bad quality of life
Quality of life depends on Material well being to many
Collection of statistics different than other countries.
Welfare gap: The same of widening ?
Canada for the most part has self governance.
Gained through several constitutional procedures

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Queen Elizabeth still head of state.
Canadian still dependent of US for economy , not as much recently
We depend of foreign capital like other industrialized nations
Political Culture
What does it mean to be Canadian?
Ideology = Set of Informed beliefs about how society should work
Ideologue = Political Junkie (ex Dennis Amoakohene and Neville Britto)
Ideologists that came out of the French Revolution felt that liberalism was the best
representation of order and freedom
oWanted to create a science of ideas
oUnify society so that it operates harmoniously
A body of ideas that reflects the social needs and aspirations of an individual, group
or culture
Ideology expresses the most fundamental ideas about the nature of the individual,
society and the relationship between the individual and society
oThis is liberal because it makes the distinction between individual and
Weight people assign to freedom quality national prestige and social order is one
aspect of political culture.
Deals with political principles.
Individual Personality another indicator of ideology(Canadians more quiet)
Three positions, Left right and Centre, centre reps mainstream
Right represents individualistic beliefs and vice versa (Left= collectivist belief)
Left Much more likely to given weight to different thing effects on society
Libertarians = individual should be chooser of all things and be allowed largest
amount of freedom
Canadians more likely to go for greater good.
Three ideologies = Socialism, Liberalism and Conservative
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