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Canadian Politics Theoren Abate
What we will go through this year
The Canadian Constitution
3 pillar system, 1 Machinery of Government, 2 Freedoms, 3 Charter of Rights
of Freedoms
How government works, ie. Party systems
The social effect on politics in different areas
Canada in relation to itself, Toronto vs other cities
Canada in relation to other nations, mainly US
Canada in relation to the people who immigrated here
What Location within Canada has to do with our diversity as a nation
Interest groups
The Canadian Constitution
What a constitution is
oThe constitution is the Governing principals of a nations
oThe outlines and division of powers among different parts of
oThe courts use it to interpret the law and it can spell out the division of
powers among multi level governments
oIt is the supreme law of the land in a given territory, it is the
fundamental law in a geographical area
oThe constitution says that it is the supreme law
oThe constitution of 1982 did not replace or override the BNA act, it just
added to the BNA act.
oSection 52 states that the constitution of Canada is the supreme law
and any law inconsistent of the constitution is deemed to have no force
or effect
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oThe Sections 1-33 set forth the rights and freedoms of everyone in
oA constitution establishes and defines a political community
oIt establishes what Canada is and defines them
oIt is a badge of nation and defines us as a country
oThere have often been major overturning of the constitution after wars
or other major events
oThe notion of constitution has changed all over the world. The BNA act
constitution usually meant parliament, and the rights they gave you,
unless it was common law
oWith the growth of the nation, the structures and constitution has
evolved to adapt for this growth and change
oMany terms of the constitution have been spelt out by the courts
oThe BNA act set out the rights and powers but didnt set forth for things
that hadnt become issues yet, ex. Environmental which falls into both
oThey changed it in 1982, giving residual powers
oIn many cases they will work out a deal b/w the government and
oThey all deal with the issues of who should rule, and who governs
oJust because there is a constitution that outlines the rights but it does
not guarantee that the rights will be followed, but without this there
would be no protection at all
oThere are many different rules in every nation it varies
oIt established the machinery of the political community
oIt reflects and establishes the beliefs of the political community, it is
shaped by the citizens and people of Canada
oThey shape people through their influence
oThe constitution links the past present and future together
oThe constitution cannot be seen as a document but as a point of
starting and the essence of the constitution can grow as the nation
oThe constitution is a product of consciousness and the imagination of
the people of Canada
oThe constitutional vision of every individual is different and is internal
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oThe Constitution is living
The three pillars of the constitution
oThere are three pillars to government, responsible government came in
1848 and made the citizens vote count
oThe second pillar is federalism and it is spelled out in sections 91-93
oThe third pillar is the Charter.
o The first pillar is governed by convention and the second and third
pillar is governed by the Constitution
What the Constitution and the constitution are and what the differences
September 21, 2010
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1. What is a constitution? (last week)
2. 3 Constitutional Pillars (last Week)
3. Big “Cvs. Little “c” Constitution
the Constitution is the written sections established in 1867 and 1982
The constitution is the customs and conventions
Constitution is entrenched and cannot be changed without the use of the
amending formula
The Supreme Court of Canada is not actually established in the Constitution
There are several things that are conventions of the constitution and are not
written down and allowed them to be included in the constitution
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Document Summary

After they created the manitoba act they asked. Formal organization of canadian government pg 231, brooks. The cabinet: they are elected by the prime minister, they are in charge of government power. If there is a division then one has to resign. October 5, 2010: formal organization of canadian government, governor general, prime minister, cabinet www. notesolution. com, central agencies, department of finance, treasury board secretariat. committee of cabinet: privy counsels office. est in 1940, nerve centre of government. support for the cabinet, controlled by the pm, expanded with the. Parliments 3 components: the legislature, executive, and judicary, the legislature actually has three sides, the cabinet (crown), house of. In the constitution it states that tax/spending must begin from the hoc, any bill dealing with taxes/spending money must be introduced by the. If there is a stalemate b/w the house of commons and the senate then the senate can be filled with 8 more senators.

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