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After they created the manitoba act they asked. Formal organization of canadian government pg 231, brooks. The cabinet: they are elected by the prime minister, they are in charge of government power. If there is a division then one has to resign. October 5, 2010: formal organization of canadian government, governor general, prime minister, cabinet www. notesolution. com, central agencies, department of finance, treasury board secretariat. committee of cabinet: privy counsels office. est in 1940, nerve centre of government. support for the cabinet, controlled by the pm, expanded with the. Parliments 3 components: the legislature, executive, and judicary, the legislature actually has three sides, the cabinet (crown), house of. In the constitution it states that tax/spending must begin from the hoc, any bill dealing with taxes/spending money must be introduced by the. If there is a stalemate b/w the house of commons and the senate then the senate can be filled with 8 more senators.

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