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29 Nov 2016

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Political science has its own methodology: the quantitative empirical political. Science methodology: this methodology uses various methods of research, in addition to real-world data and cases to test theories, the methodology has seen extensive use throughout all of political science"s sub elds, save political theory. Democratic peace theory (which says that democracy is less prone to pursuing war) With regards to empirical analysis, there are qualitative and quantitative schools: the qualitative school concerns the examines case studies, historical accounts, Eld research, interviews, participant observation and/or thick description to analyze and prove theories: the quantitative school concerns the collection of data across many cases, the quantifying of relevant information, the conducting of surveys and/or speci c statistical analysis. Note that speci c statistical analysis is a rather advanced aspect of political science"s methodologies. The quantitative school is preferred in this course because we would like to know the systematic empirical regularity of particular political phenomena.