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29 Mar 2017

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It is a diverse field, the main commonality is that we study politics: main subfields, political theory, canadian politics, comparative politics, international relations. Aim for the course: to know the systematic empirical regularity of political phenomena of our interest, to test our theory and build generalizable knowledge about political phenomena. Example: the analysis below is drawn from barbara geddes, 1990, how the cases you choose affect the answers you get: selection bias in. Class structure: research stages, theory development, empirical research design, data collection, data analysis, class subjects, part one: scientific study of politics and causal theory (problem set 1, you are expected to learn: Characteristics of the scientific studies of politics. Statistical inference: we want to learn about the characteristics and relationships in a large population from a relatively small sample, e. g. Canadian citizens 30 mill, sample 1,000 (statistical inference) Scientific study of politics: scientific method, nature of scientific knowledge, process of producing scientific knowledge.