POL224Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Henry Morgentaler, William Rehnquist, Anti-Globalization Movement

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Lecture one: intro first, the course structure and rules: Make sure you have the syllabus; read it carefully. Note my office hours and location; e-mail is also an excellent way of reaching me outside of class time. I need my time directly before class to organize my thoughts, powerpoint, etc. But you can approach me with brief questions during the 10 minute break, and after class. I am quite willing to stay after 8 pm. My role, and that of the tas: this is a large class. I deliver the lectures, set assignments and oversee course. Tas grade the assignments and conduct the tutorials. See division of labour between tas and me on p. 2 re. e-mail and other contact, and advice on who you should approach about what. Tutorial assignment: be prepared for group meetings on tuesday at 4, 5 or 8 pm. But there will be a couple at other times.

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