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Important: european colonizer must prove occupancy with basic infrasutucture and influence to declare african country its protectorate under bismarck, germany valued overseas colonies european countries proved occupation of colony by signing treaties with african leaders misrepresented intents: africans thought they were for friendship african leaders like to sign treaties: own reasons for seeking euroepan alliance against adversaries after king leopolad declared congo private property of belgium, comeptition to claim africa to prevent balance of power from tipping gemany stripped of its colonies after wwi each german colony transferred to another power pending transition to self rule italy rewarded for contribution to wwii allied victory with trusteeship of somalia in 1950s. Precondition ot takeoff external demand for raw materials spurs eocnomic change agriculture not consumed by producers > exported wide infrastructure investment: irrigation, canals, etc. technology improves and spreads social mobility starts national identiy.

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