POL326Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: One-China Policy, Cuban Missile Crisis, Monroe Doctrine

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12 Mar 2020

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Terms: one china policy - rejects the idea of multiple governments in china. The victory of mao zedong in mainland china was not acknowledged by the u. s. government, instead they recognized the government of. Chiang kai-shek who administered in taiwan: manifest destiny - liberation of the american continent, open door policy - is a term in foreign affairs initially used to refer to the united. European powers to expand their territory in the western hemisphere. The monroe doctrine (dec. 2, 1823) set specific guidelines for u. s. involvement in international affairs. * monroe"s message contained several themes: an end to european colonization of. Latin america and for maintenance of the status quo there; the differences in the political systems of europe and america; and u. s. intentions not interfere with. * md gave rise to the two spheres concept in afp - western and eastern. * in 1954 the u. s. supported a coup to overthrow the government of the jacobo.