POL340Y1 Final: All Case Summaries - FINAL EXAM!

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Burkina faso vs. mali (in lecture, part of uti possidetis juris) Ss lotus (france v. turkey) & fisheries case (uk v. norway) Kuwait airways corp v. iraq (p. 545 textbook) Iran oil platforms (from lecture, but possibly in the book) Nuremberg (summary of the tribunals, mainly on the significance of these tribunals) Anglo-iranian oil co case (uk v iran) [p. 51] Issue: government of iran nationalizes country"s oil industry, which results in government takeover of a uk private oil company operating in iran. Furthermore, the uk government argues that even if the settlement in 1933 only amounted to tacit or implied agreement, it is still within bounds of the term. Rule: the legal essence of treaties found on the vclt, which states that international law does not recognize a treaty" between state and non-state entities. The court cannot accept that the agreement had a double character.

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