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Political Science
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Vic Falkenheim
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Research note should be as contemporary as possible; e.g. Charter 08 up to date sources
Not research papers; best to use Google, not scholar’s portal
Presentations are on the last few days of class
Reading summaries become due, starting tomorrow
Try to identify the core argument
o How convincing that argument is
Is the argument valid? Is it missing any perspectives
o Also try to include our reaction
o Half of it is critique, the other half is how convincing that argument is
Critique starts best with a provocative statement
Readings are divided between Westerner and Chinese perspectives on political evolutionary change
How does innovation take place in this political system?
Political reform exists despite the oppression of dissent
Abstaining from prediction is not a ‘no prediction’;
China Leadership monitor
The nature of elite contention and factional conflicts (that’s mostly the focus of the biography)
Informal power is based upon guanxi relationships built upon successive promotions through positions
Research presentations: talk about new discoveries
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