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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

What was Communism? A Retrospective in Comparative Analysis - five competing paradigms of communist behaviour 1. the paradigm of totalitarianism that saw communism as a drive for total domination is response to social marginality and psychological strain 2. the paradigm of charismatic Salvationism that presented communism as a movement in pursuit of utopian objectives forced to adapt over time to “hard” economic and political realities 3. the paradigm of modernization that saw communism as a radical strategy of industrialization and economic development 4. a paradigm of political development in which the party appears as the agent fro creating a viable political community in a competitive system of states 5. the bureaucratic paradigm that sought to define communism as an alternative model of economic allocation and social redistribution, competing with systems of allocation based on the market and traditional cultural norms - sixth paradigm emerged slowly, referred to as the “externally oriented state” based on the principle of foreign policy - the capitalist world economy was a single, interdependent system that like a chain would break if and when one of its links was exceedingly weak - Bolsheviks rejected the idea of an internal design for reform and development for an externally oriented strategy of reconstructing the existing world order by means of revolutionary violence - (1965) for the first time in modern history a movement of the radical left could claim to have the key to absolute wisdom in overriding the princi
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