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th Report- 40%, due December 5 For this report, students are asked to develop a paper (8-10 pages, not including bibliography, tables and figures) on a topic (ie think a dependent variable) or research question in the political science literature. The literature used must incorporate quantitative research methods and statistical techniques addressed in class (ideally the articles should use some form of regression). At least five (5) quantitative articles must be incorporated into the paper. Other sources, such as course readings may also be used as secondary sources. Below is a list of broad topic areas. Students can elect to look at an alternative topic, but should consult me in advance for approval. Students are also encouraged to discuss with me, or the TA, their topic or research question. When thinking of a topic, the “what, why, how” questions are always good starting blocks. For example, if I were interested in understanding education levels I might wonder “what goes into some schools producing strong standardized testing results, while others produce substandard results” or I might wonder “do education systems, cross- nationally, lead to different education rates and if so, why” or I might wonder “what explains why one goes to university”. Each of these revolves around education levels but tap fairly distinct ways of approaching the topic and as such the literature I would be interested in reviewing. The report should focus on three key areas: 1. A broad literature review on the topic a. What are the major findings b. Is there disagreement or gaps c. What are the key IVs d. How are the key IVs and DV measured i. Are there any discrepancies 2. A review of the research design methods a. Do researchers tend to employ a particular design method b. Do different de
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