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Political Science
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Assignment #2- Measurement th Worth 30%, due November 26 (at the beginning of class) This assignment asks students to choose one of two sets of articles to read. Each set of articles taps a prominent concept in political science (social capital and environmental concern). The objective is to evaluate how the authors conceive, develop, measure and present the concept at hand. The assignment should address the following: 1. A brief discussion of the concept under investigation a. Is there a clear consensus on what the measurement and dimensionality of the concept is in the literature? 2. Discuss how each article conceives of the concept a. From a face validity perspective, how well do the articles measure the concept? i. Do they seem to tap the key notion of the concept as developed in the literature? 1. Do they include extraneous elements? Do they omit key elements? ii. How similar are the measures across articles? Are they really measuring the full concept? Are they simply giving different names to similar dimensions? Does the conceptual development
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