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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL 101 Tutorial – Final Exam Review Study Aid Note: This is meant to be only a guide for studying and does not completely cover what you should know. Ensure that you have read all of the required readings and have reviewed your lecture notes for the final exam. Exam Information: Date and Time: Monday, April 18, 7-10 PM (3hrs) Location: Please refer to Blackboard for where you are to write your exam Note: Please bring photo ID, HP pencil(s), pen(s), pencil sharpener and eraser to the exam. Exam Format: • 2 essays (choice between 3 questions) • 20 multiple choice *Remember that this exam is cumulative, but will be weighted towards the material in the second term. Key Concepts: First Semester Ancient Liberty Democracy Collective Action Problem Modern Liberty Communism Affirmative Action Liberalism Fascism Constitutionalism State Institutions Economic Interdependence Modernization Theory Parliamentary System Democracy Peace Theory Class/Class Struggle Presidential System Realism Materialism Responsible Government Hegemonic stability Proletariat Duverger’s Law Power Transition Theory Bourgeoisie Proportional Representation Deterrence False Consciousness Single Member Plurality Zero-Sum Game Realism Institutionalized Uncertainty Bipolarity Multiculturalism Equality of outcome Crimes Against Humanity Ethnic Citizenship Equality of opportunity International Law Sovereignty Responsibility to Protect Second Semester Prisoner’s Dilemma Cosmopolitanism Neoliberal Institutionalism Mutually Assured Destruction Mercantilism Interdependence Nationalism World Systems Theory Functionalism Nation-Building Dependency theory Global Governance Multiculturalism Developmental State Keynesianism Multilateralism Protestant Ethics Embedded Liberalism Regionalism Invisible Hand of the Market Bretton-Woods European Union Supply and Demand GATT Predatory State Currency Deregulation Welfare State Despotic Power Protectionism Inequality Infrastructural Power Imperialism Gini Coefficient Clientalism Grey Income VAR model Feminization of Poverty Black Swans Collective Security Kuznets Curve League of Nations End of History United Nation
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