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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Post War Reconstruction Growing the Global Economyessay asked to compare to describe these contending perspectives similarites vs differences how you do this comparison Asias Rise Government Interventioninto the market was critical to the growth of these economiesinfant industry protectionhave to protect own industry by making foreign goods more expensive buy putting tariffs on foreign goods picking and making marketing winnershad to pick sectors that they thought they could do well in like semi conductors electronics computers on the market american patronagebenefited enormouslyprovided military support amount of aid that the US gave was enormous dis portioned amounts of aid making american buy asian productsdevelopmental state unique and extraordinary best and brightest brought into the bureaucracyexport oriented growth can only grow so much by selling to your own country martwere plugged in to the global economysold more then they bought Outline or Model market regardingsmith Mercantilistlist and hamilton Dependent developmentlenin and Wallerstein Global economic GrowthPrewar interwarpost warWorld GDP world wars were a major turing point19131950101950196042 World Wars a devastating turning point WWI15 million deaths WWII50 million deaths casue of technology and brutality of the war Major countries and cities were completely desvasted and destroyed economic infrastructure had been destroyed wars have had a significant inprint of how we live in todays worldWorld War I Rise of Germany rose and was the leading country in heavy industrial productionengaged in therace for naval arms shipsgerman economy that is soon gonna be larger then englands Alliance Formation
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