Global Governance: Promise and Challenges For second term exam

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Monday March 14 2011Global Governance Promise and Challenges Governance processof governingGlobal governance and the international systemAnarchic international systemRealism Realist point of view o States are the core of the international system o States act on their national selfinterest o States are most concerned with relative power if we are a country with lesser power how do we ensure that stronger countries dont take us over o The game of international politics is a zerosum policy One states gain is another states loss o It is assumed that the international system is prone to conflictTerrorist attacksWars o League of Nations and collective security o All states would agree that aggressive action by other states is illegal o If one state acts aggressively to another state the other states will band together and punish the one stateWorked on deterrence if you knew you were going to be attacked you wouldnt do itNeoliberal institutionalism o InterdependencePresume that the international system is anarchicWe live in one where there is complex interdependence It is within this where we cooperate in which all states benefitOf course some states will benefit more or less but by cooperating all states will experience a net benefit o Positive sum o Functionalism o Rules and normsStates by cooperating with eachother can create rules of the gameInternational organizations and regimes o EMU Agricultural policy in Europe Breton Woods lowering tariffs progressively to fix tax ratesUN System of StatesTo maintain international peace and security and to that end to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peaceTo develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and selfdetermination of peoplesTo achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic social cultural or humanitarian character and
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