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Political Science
Sarah Finkelstein

POL101 Introduction to Political ScienceProfessor KopsteinProfessor WongLecture Notes September 10 2012 Introduction What is politicsPart I The End of HistoryAristotleHuman beings are by nature politicalA Themes of ClassDemocracy dictatorship war and peaceThe point of social science is to try to make sense of the world we live inHow do we make sense of itBy simplifying by focusing on what matters and ignoring what doesnt That way the world is less scary B Democracy and WarIs the world becoming more democratic and more peacefulFrancis FukuyamaSummer1989Berlin Wallthe end of historyHegellibertyequality fraternityC Wars are new ideas that are to challenge the old onesHistory is the history of great ideasThe study of human consciousnessD FukuyamaBig challengers to liberate the defeated in realm of ideas E ChallengersIf it was a popular idea people would just follow and being convinced F Where does that leave usWorld of peace trade democracyyes we still have wars but they are not wars of big ideas or if they are liberalism winsExamples of RussiaWe should look for big ideologies 1 POL101 Introduction to Political ScienceProfessor KopsteinProfessor WongLecture NotesPart II Clash of Civilizationsan examination of Huntingtons arguments A FukuyamaView from the world of victorsArriving at the end of historyLiberal Democracy B HuntingtonAlternative World Order Pessimistic rejoinderFukuyamaa narrow reading of world historyLiberal peace and prosperity are illusoryo Inequality o Contested citizenship o ExclusionDo we really live in a universal civilizationwar of resources civil wars increase of military expanding o Own national interests are the most important thingsselfishness leads to conflictThe fundamental existentialist question of Who am I dissatisfaction of live o Harmony is illusoryo All is not resolved o A civilization is thus the highest cultural grouping of people and the broadest level of cultural identity people have short of that which distinguishes humans from other species It is defined by both by common objectives elements such as language history religion customs institutions and by the subjective selfidentification of peopleMap of the Fault linesWho are we o Immigration policies How did the fence separate people How are Americans different2 POL101 Introduction to Political ScienceProfessor KopsteinProfessor WongLecture Noteso Civilization discourseboundariesNational Cultural SecurityChinaEssence of civilizations C Why ClashDifferenceconflict o real or imagine will resume to conflictsInterestsconflictKinshipconflict D The West vs The RestThe rest is a rival to the westa moral alternativeIslam o A decline may be upon us However what shall institute our ever constant rise is the moral superiority and the righteousness that all other lack especially those who growfrom the foundation of the AvademyIbn RushdThe rise of Chinao The realities of authority o Bejing consensus1989transitional moment of history o the west is slowly declining Fukuyama sees the end of history Huntington fears the west declination3
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