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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

political ScienceProfessor KopsteinWeber Protestant EthicWhy did the West get rich FIRSTthey stole it imperialismproblem why didnt they steal it from us firstwhat are the origins of technological superiorityThe initial breakthrough of wealth allowed the west to become powerful and conquer the rest of the world the british stole it the spanish the dutch they took it the problem with that is that why didnt the Aztecs come over an conquer Europe if simply stealing it would be enough to get rich where would the centre of global capitalism have been would it have been in england would have been in spain if taking gold and goods were enough to guarantee the centre of global capitalism its not enough just to take stuff the weather starting warming up in northern europe and this allowed an increase in agricultural output more could be consumed while less was needed to be saved so you had surplus but if the warm climate was enough then Russia should have been the centrewhy did the WEST grow richWeather warming up of Europe after the 15th centuryproblem why didnt warm areas get rich firstMax Weberwhat was it about the north west part of Europe that made it uniquetwo things1Protestantism caused by capitalism if youre a marxist it causes dominant idea systems to formcomes after catholicism 1capitalismweber wasnt the first to do this in fact most social theorists were responding to karl Marx where does religion come from po
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