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Political Science

POLC89 Exam Terms 1 THE LEADING ROLE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY THE LEADING ROLE OF THE PARTY The functions of a political party A ARTICULATION AGGREGATION B REPRESENTATION C SELECTION OF OFFICEHOLDERS What failed in USSR was articulationAGGREGATION Khrushchevs Secret Speech Lasted 4 hours Stalin breached the Leninist principle of collective leadership HENCE the cult of personality Hence he was AntiLeninist Stalin victimized innocent people but Khrushchev focused mainly on Stalins attack on the party after 1934 Khrushchev accused Stalin of the murder of Kirov Khrushchev said he would rehabilitate the party and military people Eventually regular people were released from the Gulags Stalin was accused of the misconduct of the war This is Stalins military genius this is what it cost us Khrushchev condemned the wholesale deportations towards the end of the war of people who had been under German occupation and who were accuse of collaborationthe Chechens Ingush Kalmyks The Ukrainians avoided meeting this fate only because there were too many of them and the was no place to which to deport themKhrushchev said that Stalin was a criminal But Khrushchev only described the horror He did not analyze how it had come about Also Khrushchevs indictment was restricted to 1934 onwards WHAT ABOUT THE COLLECTIVIZATION PERIOD AND THE PEASANTS So Khrushchev attributed the terror entirely to Stalins personality The criticism therefore was mainly moral and principal but NOT political Hence The same apparatus continued to rule with some exception notably Beria NOT SURPRISINGLY OR PERHAPS SURPRISINGLY DEPENDS ON ONES POINT OF VIEW in June 1956 Khrushchev declared Stalin a great MarxistLeninistMAIN ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE SPEECHTHE THAW DESTALINIZATION Termination of 25 years of mass terror Limitations on the powers of the secret police Another Golden Age for Russian culture literature freer political discussions Less emphasis on the role of the leader Less direct control over the satellite countries
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