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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL 101 Democracy, War & Peace November 22 nd The Geography of Chinese Power o China is both a land & sea power; virtual reach extends from Central Asia to main shipping lanes of Pacific Ocean o China will stand @ hub of geopolitics even if the countrys path toward global power isnt linear o Thanks to central control, regime can (e.g. enlist labour of millions) relentlessly dynamic in ways that democracies (due to temporizing) cant be concept of efficiency over democracy o Empires rarely come about by design; grow organically o China today is consolidating its land borders & beginning to turn outward o Chinas actions abroad are propelled by its need to secure energy, metals & strategic minerals to support rising living standards built advantageous power relationships both in contiguous territories & in far-flung locales rich in resources required to fuel its growth activities abroad has to do with a core national interest economic survival can be defined as an uber-realist power o Beijing cares little about type of regime with which it is engaged; requires stability not [Western] virtue {different priorities} o Chance of war between China & US remote challenge posed is primarily geographic [debt, trade, global warming] o China = rising continental power; shifting balance of power by securing its economic needs o Imperial properties of Beijing ethnic nationalist tensions (complicates relationships with adjacent states) o Chinas hunger for natural resources also means Beijing will take substantial risks to secure them resource acquisition is the principal goal of Chinas foreign policy everywhere www.notesolution.com
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