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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Lecture 14Protestant EthicWeberGerman NationalistWhy did the West get richThey stole itimperialismProblem why didnt they steal it from us firstWhat are the origins of technological superiorityWhy did the West get richthWeatherwarming up of Europe after 15 centuryWhy didnt warm areas get rich firstMax WeberWhat was it about northwest Europe that made it uniqueIt was protestant and capitalismWeber wasnt the first to notice this in fact most social theorists were responding to Karl MarxProtestantdeveloped capitalisticface produces super structureProtestant EthicPublished as two long articles in 1904 and 1905Opens with a statistical factbusiness leaders and owners of capital as well as the higher grades of skilled labor Not merely a contempory fact but an historical fact tracing the association back it can be shown that some of the early centers of capitalist development in the thearly part of the 18 century were strongly protestant But this interpretation does not stand up to scrutinyReformation not an escape from controls of the churchYou Catholics are corrupt you can only get salvation of your soul comes through faith and scriptureThe priesthood is mediating between the masses and the godsnot workingIn involved a much higher degree of regulation of behavior than that which was demanded by CatholicismProtestantism adopts a stringent attitude towards relaxation and enjoymentespecially renounced CalvinismIdleness is the devils workshopTherefore must look to specific character of Protestant beliefs if we are to account for connection between Protestantism and economic rationalityWeber not the first to see the correlation between capitalism and Protestantism But usual interpretation was Marxist Protestantism is ideological reflection of economic changes in early capitalism
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