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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Civil Military Relations and Democracy Dec 0610 Politics is about obedience, and nowhere else is obedience more of a problem then in C.M.R - All of the ability to project violence, and we take it away from our self and give it to this group, such as to the police, but mainly the military, they can use in order to get more power, we gave the military all the power to a small group, nothing can keep them from turning into a Dr. Evil, question is why do they obey us when they have these weapons Problems of the Guardians Democracies Still Live in a World of States - The world is made up of states, there is no order controlling the world, no one poses this order or there are states trying to attain this order; but all states field armies - Those that fail to field armies risk losing the state; example of Poland in 18 century Poland did not exist, Poland was taken over, Polish nobility failed to vote for taxes, because they were incredible free, they did not field an army, and it was chopped up between the Germans, the Russians, & the Hapsburgs, not a country for 150 years From Feudal to Mass Armies - If you field an army, question becomes what kind of army do you field, feudal armies made up & led by the nobility, story of modern state is mass armies of elite citizen armies - If you have a mass army; which can make you a powerful country, question becomes: Draft versus Professional Armies - Professional armies are soldiers that volunteer and that are paid, or a Draft armies are soldiers that were conscripted and are forced by law to join the forces 90% of class believes democracies need armies 85% of class prefers a professional army over draft Who Guards the Guards?
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