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Political Science
Joseph Wong

Parliamentary versus Presidential Democratic Systems Parliamentary Presidential Parliamentary System Prime Minister is elected by Presidential System A presidential system is a the legeslatureallows an election to happen at any system of government where an executive branch time Canadaexists and presides hence the name separately most stablefrom the legislature USA chosen by the people and not the office of the legislature Head of state and chief executive are 2 different thingsChosen by legislature and not the people representation Not as stable because a presidential government entrusts authoriGives different constituencies more access to the devisionmakty and ultimate responsibility to a single personing process helping bind the constituencies to the polity can gain full power of office without a majority vote elected unA Prime Minister with a majority in parliament can have as der pluralityfirstpastthepost much authority as a president Has power to propose and veto legislation has a fixed term surCabinet members tend to accumul
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