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Political Science

Lecture 2: post modern ontario and the laurentian thesis: -ontario was based on premise that everyone else could speak ill of ontario while ontario bankrolled the country. -ontario prosperity used to be based on high tariffs and ample resources shaken with oil and energy shocks of 1970s. end of 1980s, bottom began falling out. happened because: -free trade agreement with US showed that canada could not assume its place in canada or the world -federal gvmt changed the rules on cost sharing to the disadvantage of ontario -ottawa also imposed high interest rat policy and introduced cutbacks just at the moment of great vulnerability for ontario **ontario had to face crisis alone with little help from ottawa what is happening? is ontario changing from federal focus? -are ontarians thinking of themselves more as such and less of canadians? is it becoming a region? -ontario was viewed as place that has done best in canada least alienated etc -not disadvantaged by position in confederation, etc reality underlining conventional understanding of ontario: 1. size and dominance has meant that national policy was typically cast in pro ontario light. 2. ontario has been and is in favour of strong central gvmt 3. political activites directed more towards federal htan proincial 4. mgmt of big layers of economic stability have been carried out with ontario economy in mind 5.would rather block federal or sister province intiaties contrary to ontarios interests than acquire greter provincial powers to pursure interests autonomously 6.ontario has traditionally supported erection and maintenance of barriers to intl trade and elimination of barriers to domestic trade 7. wasnt until 1980s innovator in social policy social and economic factors: -huge immigration ***1990, cappng the CAP, canada assistance plan. put lid on growth in CAP transfers to provinces not receiving equalization. ie. ontario alberta n BC. frontal assault on these provinces. esp, ON where recession was fiercest ******CAP the CAP provoked huge reconsideration within gvmt of ontario of the costs and benefits of federalism, ontario not being treated fairly by federal ontario transforming in deep permanent ways: 1. impact of immigration on ontario community 2. nature of development of ontarios partners in confederation
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