Global Governance- Promise and Challenges, extra helpful for exam

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Lecture 19, March 14 2011 Global Governance Promise and Challenges Governance understood as a process of governments Global governance and the international system - Anarchic international system Realism (States are primarily concerned with relatively power, ex. If one country is powerful how do we know they wont destroy us. The game of international politics is the ZERO SUM game one states gain is another states loss ) - League of Nations and collective security (emerges in WW1, the core was that collective security, all states would agree that aggressive actions by other states is illegal. All states should agree, that if one state behaves aggressively on another state, all states will gather together to punish that state.) - Neoliberal institutionalism (It is also another theory of international relations, it accepts the notion that there is no state power. It assumes the system is anarchic, they have more positive view, is rooted in reality in complex inter-dependence, in the globalized world, states are inter-dependent on one another. By co-operating, all states benefit. - - Independence - -Positive sum - -Functionalism - -Rules and norms (States by co-operating, states can create rules, that apply to norms, - International organization and regimes UN System of States - 1) Collective interest in maintain peace - 2) Equal rights, but the equal rights of states - 3) Co-operation - 4) Harmonizing, the behaviour of states
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