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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Jan 17 2011 What is nationalism? The ideology of nations, which is a group that wants to have its own state Nationalism is invented through nations What is a nation? A group of people who share a common fate, history, culture, and language, and should be congruent Nationalism only exists in modern conditions, as never before in human history did people insist their leaders be from the same culture and leaders did not share their culture to their people, e.g Catherine the Great spoke english but reigned over Russia Nationalism and Modernization As nations began to develop, states began to impose education and learning language in order for the elites to communicate with the populations So nations are the projects of the elite, and sometimes competing projects, because one is unsure which culture will take over the majority of the population, e.g Canada, the majority speaks english and the competing culture is French If your culture is not adopted as the high and universal culture, you face a systematic disadvantage In industrial societies states are the organizations that service the country with a common culture: education, as opposed to previous times it served no interest to learn a common language, e.g most french people who lived in France did not speak french until
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