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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Nationalism and Conflict Readings Jerry Z. Muller, Us and Them: The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism, Foreign Affairs, March-April, 2008. - Strong ethnic nationalism produces claim to political power and political ugliness that is often resolved by ethnic conflict. - Abandoning nationalism for peaceful, liberal, democratic order. After the world wars, western Europe abandoned nationalism and formed the European Union. Russia joined the EU after the fall of nationalist soviet union. - Tony Judt -- Jewish state [...] anachronism of 19th century LiberalCivic Nationalism Ethnic Nationalism - The united states has this kind of nationalism. - Shared ancestry, culture, common language, - If you live within borders you are considered a religion, culture, heritage (ethnic traits that make national. Part of a nation. A member. up an ethnicity) - If you dont share these attributes you are not a national. - United States was like this until the reform of their immigration policy in 65 - National identities is a belief. You either have or dont have this belief. What is dominant in the country affects behavior and policies. - Ethnic groups banding together based on language to have their own nation in which people can live with things in common an
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