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LECTURE 9 Cold War Realism Origins Europe - 1955 not only divided along political lines, but military lines - NATO to prevent a massive soviet attack - End of WWII - Hungary, soviet soldiers on its soil 1953 Stalin dies and other countries within communist block begin attempt to establish some form of independence - Tito of Yugoslavia refused to be part of the Soviet Block, seen as bad by the rest of the communist world - After Stalin dies, try to make up with Tito - Hungary gets excited by other paths to socialism, that arent like Stalins regime. But, the soviets say not so much. o So Hungarians kick out little Stalin and bring in a reformed communist 1956 o Americans encouraged Hungary to revolt! - Soviets invade the country, war between soviets and Hungary. Guy who ruled Hungary executed and installed new guy - Americans made a decision that they did not want to start WWIII, then backed o - 1949-1989 Germany was divided by e
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