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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Weber: Protestant Ethic-Jan 24 2011 Weber, a German sociologist researched why the West got rich? Answer: Because they stole it; Imperialism But why didnt the opposing side take it from the Europeans rst? Well the Europeans were able to conquer because they had better weapons, but how did the Europeans obtain better weapons? The North Western part of Europe was rich because they differed in being protestants The religious ethic of Protestantism became the ideal on which capitalism was built -In comparison to Catholicism which was restrictive Based on historical facts, that Protestants were richer than Catholics However, protestants adopted a stringent attitude towards relaxation and enjoyment, so they worked all the time, so they would not waste their time, so as a result earned money and put this money back into the system, which was used to purchase weapons which was used to conquer the Americas Originally it was thought that people who are deal and prot from money are hostile to religion, but in fact Protestantism did not relax the control of the church over everyday activities of people but further intensied it than Catholicism Therefore, a religious factor has been injected into all aspects of life of a believer Weber distinguishes other forms of capitalism as economic traditionalism The attitudes toward labor are symptomatic of this A man does not by nature wish to earn more and more money Traditionalism is by no means incompatible with greed for wealth Howeve
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