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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Jan 17 MULLER Foreign Affairs Immigrants become assimilated after 2 or 3 years of generations US ethnonationalism is uncomfy (intellectually and morally) Immigrants are willing to get their identities reshaped by the new country to fit in Ppl who stay in thei homelands for centuries produces competing communal claims to pol power 20 European history argues that nationalism twice led to war (WWI 1914 and WWII 1939) o Nationalism is dangerous and they abandones it o Europeans entered a postnational era (became a model for other nations) o Nationalism had been a tragic shortcut (detour) to peaceful liberal democratic order Israel on its claim of being a Jewish state (and merge with Palestine) Europes frontiers are not so open (hundreds of Asians and Africans die each year trying to move to Europe o Before, there were lots of states in Europe without a single dominant nationality. Pero now, Belgium nalang at Switzerland ang open to public. o The separatist project has not so much vanished as triumphed Ethnonationalism stabilized Europe during the Cold War Era (continued to reshape European borders) Ethnonationalism will continue to shape the world in the 21 C. Increased urbanization, literacy and pol mobilization, diff in fertility rates, ecoperf of ethnic grps and immigration will challenege the internal structure of states as well as their borders. Politics of Identity National Identity o Ppl who live within a countrys border (kht anong race, religion, ethnicity) o Liberal Civic nationalism identifies with contemporarymodern-day Americans. Ethnonationalist idea nations are defined by a shared heritage (common language, faith and ethnic ancestry) o Dominated much of Europe and US (ppl of English origin, protestants, white or from N. Europe were REAL Americans) -> 1965, they abolished this law.
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