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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Prepared by TA Yi-Chun Chien POL 101 Tutorial – Midterm Exam Review Study Aid Note: This is meant to be a guide only for studying and does not completely cover what you should know. Ensure that you have read all of the required readings and have reviewed your lecture notes for the midterm Exam Information: Date and Time: Friday, December 16 at 2:00- 4:00 pm Location: Please refer to Blackboard for where you are to write your exam Note: Please bring photo ID, HP pencil(s), pen(s), pencil sharpener and eraser to the exam. Exam Format: - 20-25 Multiple Choice Questions – Covers both readings and lecture material since the start of the semester. The focus will be on conceptual answers (i.e. definitions, concepts), rather than empirical (i.e. dates and people). - 1 essay question –You must answer the question in essay format. You are responsible for neat, “readable” handwritings. (ex. clear characters, double-spaced) Key Concepts Clash of Civilizations The End of History Equality of outcome Ancient Democracy Democracy Equality of opportunity Modern Democracy Institutions Collective Action Problem Liberalism Parliamentary System Affirmative Action-black and State Presidential System women were guaranteed a Class/Class Struggle Responsible Government workplace/learning instituition Materialism Duverger’s Law Constitutionalism Proletariat Proportional Representation Communism Bourgeoisie First Past the Post Evolutionary Socialism False Consciousness Institutionalized Uncertainty Leninism Realism Economic Interdependence Totalitarianism Multiculturalism Bipolarity –cold war Liberalism Ethnic Citizenship Civic Citizenship Hegemonic stability Mutually Assured Destruction Prisoner’s Dilemma Power transition Deterrence Balance of power International Relations Theory Review machiavelli – not the balance, about the maximazation of power. Realism Analytical The state is the principle actor of Unit(s) international relations View of State is a unitary actor. Actor(s)/Level Prepared by TA Yi-Chun Chien of Analysis In other words, states are viewed as integrated units. Political difference is ultimately resolved authoritatively. View of the The international system is one of anarchy (the absence of any hierarchy of “System” authority) State is a rational actor seeking to Behavioral maximize its own interests. Dynamic Politics is a zero-sum game. National security issues are most Issues important (it is a first-order preference always). Deterrence Examples of System Key Concepts Balance of Power Game Theory Hobbes Examples of Robert Gilpin Intellectual Influences/Key Hans Morgenthau Thinkers Kenneth Waltz John Mearshiemer Levels of Analysis 1) International System 2) Domestic Politics: State and Society 3) Individuals These units of analysis are seen as separate points of focus. Such levels help scholars to be systematic in their approach to understanding international relations. In explaining a phenomenon such as war, for example, the theorist may identify possible causes as being some characteristic or characteristics of the international system; states and their societies, groups or individuals. In accounting for or explaining such a phenomenon, one may look both within a unit such as a state, as well as how the unit relates to its external environment, which are different levels of analysis. Prepared by TA Yi-Chun Chien Practice Quiz 1. What is not a compulsory feature of the liberal order? (Source: Lecture 2) D a. Proceduralism b. Individualism c. Written Constitutionalism d. Toleration 2. What is not a feature of a Parliamentary System of Government? B a. Fused legislature and executive b. The positions of Head of State and Head of Government are held by one person c. Responsible Government
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