POL200 exam review part 3

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

crafty ambitious personsCh2 imaginationBelieve in dreams and apparitions can be manipulated by others eroding proper respect for political authorityThese people are preists and professors works of schools an universities fantasiesinfused into man by the devilInsignificant speech false and signifies nothing with no reference to anything that exists eg infused fancies Hobbes was skeptic our sense based understanding not true guide to understanding the worldOur mental experience is nothing but decaying sense something is nothing but as something else always used as deflationary rhetoricEmpirical example dreams where you experience confusion like seeing centaur which doesnt existSense of decayingcalled memoryLots of memoryexperienceWe look to experienced people for guidance Hobbes wants to vcounteractExperience is not a source of wise not exact not general or universal not predictive and makes mistakesExperience can experience to day to day cause and consequences out in the world called prudenceDespite predecessor like Mach Hobbes denied that prudence has a lot of power has something better in mind sciencePrudence is fallacious role is to offer conjectures which are subjects to bewildering variety of circumstances which may not be aware ofApproach things in universal way away from prudence towards scienceHobbes best profit is the best guesser prudence is a lot of guess work undercuts authority of biblical prophecy by making pronouncements of the futurePrudence is nothing more than presumption of the future downgraded to prudence not distinguish human from animalPrudence will enable you to see causes and consequences to certain extent shared with animals not very high order capacity of humansPrudence not practical wisdom not intellectual faculty praised by the ancients Hoobes Ch 8 highlighted quote our rationality is purely instrumental not in high caliberExpands on attacks against Aristotle and modern scholastics by challenging anybody to find a university professor to explain clearly things like transubstantiation or trinity one god three persons mean unintelligible in hobbes materialistic understanding of the worldPriests and professors deceive others to gain worldly pleasures and gain power over others ch 12 religion
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