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Political Science
Janice Stein

POL200Y1 Exam NotesQuestion 1 The philosophers have only interpreted the worldthe point however is to change itMarx Eleventh Thesis on FeuerbachHow adequate is Marxs characterization of the philosophers to PlatoTo Machiavelli Hobbes or LockeDiscuss Plato and any ONE of these three modern thinkersIntroductionthMarxs claim in his 11 thesis on Feuerbach reads The Philosophers have only interpreted the world the point however it to change itIn light of this argument I will assess the extent to which it is an adequate characterization of Platos philosophers as well as those of Machiavelli Hobbes and LockePlato disagrees with MarxWhile philosophers should rule the city because they are the most wisehowever through the ship analogy Plato suggests that this is impossible Further he does not suggest in anyways this can be changedoBook 6 is essentialPlatos ship analogythe star gazer is the philosopher All the crew members and the captains are quarrelling over who is best to command the ship The star gazer is the most knowledgeable but refuses to steer the ship He is also not allowed by the crewcaptainhe just sits there and gazes at the starsMachiavelli agreesMachiavelli analyses Italys situation and decides that it is in need of revitalization He then writes The Princean educational manual for the Prince on how to attain and maintain his power and make proactive changesoMachiavelli interprets the world around him as it is and not as it should be and offers advice to the prince on how to get into power and maintain itHobbes agreesTo Hobbes the state of nature is the worst possible state humans can find themselves in As such he writes the Leviathana blueprint for the best type of society humans should be in oHobbes is primarily concerned with the best way to escape the state of nature and into what form of government we should escape tooHobbes suggests that his book should be the only one taught in schoolshe claims that by following his writings people will avoid reversion into the state of nature Locke agreesthe point in escaping the state of nature is to find good in ones own way
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