Plato The Republic

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Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

Plato The Republic Biography Plato is traditionally thought to have been born in 428 B.C. and have died in 348. His father, Ariston, was believed the last king of Athens, his mother, Prediction, was related to Solon, the first architect of Athenian constitution. He had two brothers, Glaucon and Adeimantus. Also Plato had a sister, Potone, whose son took over as head of the Academy on Platos death. Plato was a stranger to Athenian politics as her mother married to politician after his fathers death. It would be completely natural that Plato took over politics as he grew older, but in his seventh letters he explains why he refused to do so. The reason behind was arrest of Socrates, as he refused to take part in politics. Thus Plato believed that he had to praise true philosophy that it enables him to discern what is just. At the age of forty Plato visited Sicily in order to meet Pythagorean philosophers. Afterwards in 368 BC Plato was sent to Dionysius 2 to teach him how to rule a state. Plato stayed in Sicily because he had something to teach about the real political significance. As it is seen in Republic, is that Plato believed that kings must become philosophers or philosopher must become kings. Characters Polemarchus Forces Socrates to stay and talk with force. Person who is devoted to honor. Cephalus Father of Polmarchus. Aged man who is wealthy. Socrates and Cephalus discuss the burdens of old age. He does not provide theoretical reflection thus leaves disappointed. Glaucon brother of Plato Adeimantus brother of Plato. Thrasymachus is an example of people of Athens, who teach youth public speaking, the art of speaking. Also he can the considered as a sophist person. Platos Athens 1. Instability, because of war decision (Persia), which were upheld by citizens who were 45,000 among 340,000 residents. 2. 462 BC Athens moved from traditional institutions to more democratic
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