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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Janice Stein

Morad Moazami Machiavellis The Prince: Chapters 1 - 4 Chapter I: The Kinds of Principalities and the Means by Which They Are Acquired: The Different Kinds of States: Machiavelli describes the different kinds of states, arguing that all states are either republics or principalities. Principalities can be divided into hereditary principalities and new principalities. o New principalities are either completely new or new appendages to existing states. By fortune or strength, a prince can acquire a new principality with his own army or with the arms of others. Chapter II: Hereditary Principalities Chapter II focuses on methods to govern and maintain principalities. Maintaining Your Own State: It is easier to govern a hereditary state than a new principality for two main reasons. o First, those under the rule of such states are familiar with the princes family and are therefore accustomed to their rule. The natural prince only has to keep past institutions intact, while adapting these institutions to current events.
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