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Political Science
Christian Campbell

POL201Y1 Exam Notes Exam mainly based on 2 sem Also includes 2 movies: Life & Debt, and Hacking Democracy 9 questions: 8 are worth 12pts, 1 is worth 4pts Theories Huntington • Third waves, main logic of 1 and 2 , 3 is more imp (legitimacy, crisis, catholic church, etc – there’s 4) Electoral • Presidential/parliamentary and majoritarian/PPR • What makes the other better than the other Liberalism • Personal freedom • Limited state • Rights • Consent of the governed Liberalism continued to become democracy Democracy • Political right is expanded • How to make sure majority doesn’t take away rights of individuals (minority) • Limits what can’t be done in individual • Majority vs. minority • Study Kaplan and Putnam’s thick definition of democracy • Study thin definition of democracy by Schumpeter Macdeo (important reading) • Cultural, religious, seeking minority rights • How state deals with minority rights a. Assimilation (comprehensive liberalism) b. Privatization (political liberalism) • Liberal answer (a continuum) • Difference in private and public sphere • Procedure, private/public, neutral state • Neutrality of state  neutrality of majority c. Multiculturalism • State not colour blind but sensitive to culture, religion, and ethnic background • Adjust laws for everyone (different laws catering to each different group) so it has the same effect to everyone • People can seek
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