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Political Science
C Jung

POL201 Reading Compilation and NotesWeek 2Robert Heilbroner The Making of Economic Society chapters 14 pages 178Ella GorevalovRichard Park Week 3Daniel Lerner The Passing of Traditional Society New York The Free Press 19581962 Chapters 12Jenn EensildJessie Thomas Adam Przeworski and Fernando Limongi Modernization Theories and Facts World Politics 49 no 2 1997 pp 155183 httpwwwjstororgstable25053996 Hadear ShaheenNava Myle Week 4 Atul Kohli chapter 8 Colonial Nigeria Origins of a Neopatrimonial State and a Commodity Exporting Economy in State Directed DevelopmentKatherine Cheng Daaron Acemoglu Simon Johnson and James Robinson The colonial origins of comparative development in American Economic Review 11712311294 httpwwwiseruaaalaskaeduiserpeopleColtecon337f03acemogluinstitutionsaer2001pdfKrystene RobinsonLauren Rutherford Joey MarandoWeek 5 Vladimir Lenin The division of the world among the great powers and Imperialism as a special stage of capitalism In Imperialism The highest stage of capitalism chaps 67 7698 Murad Ahmed Isaac Wild Isaac Wong Lecture NotesDaniel NguyenJ Samuel Valenzuela and Arturo Valenzuela Modernization and Dependency Alternative Perspectives in the Study of Latin American Underdevelopment Comparative Politics 10 4 July 1978 pp 535552 httpwwwjstororgstablepdfplus421571pdfArthur Ferguson Krystene Robinson Week 6 Eliana Cardoso and Ann Helwege Import Substitution Industrialization in Modern Political Economy and Latin America eds Jeffry Frieden Manuel Pastor Jr and Michael Tomz Boulder Westview Press 2000 pp 155164 Charlotte Smith Michelle Navarrete Robert J Alexander The Import Substitution Strategy of Economic Development Journal of Economic Issues Vol1 No4 December 1967 httpwwwjstororgstable4223869Aman Gill Week 7 Robert Bates The Nature and Origins of Agricultural Policies in AfricaSaj Sangha Anne Krueger Government Failures in Development in Modern Political Economy and Latin America pp 1017 Torrie ColleloKim WachockierDerakhshan Q Lecture NotesAmy Tieu Week 8 Stan Sessor A Nation of Contradictions The New Yorker January 13 1992 Madeleine MillionOsborne Peter Berger An East Asian Development Model in In Search of an East Asian Development Model eds Peter L Berger and HsinHuang Hsia chapter 2 323 Christine Lee Alice Amsden Taiwans Economic History A Case of Etatisme and a Challenge to Dependency Theory in Robert Bates ed Toward a Political Economy of Development Berkeley University of California Press 1988 Christine Lee Week 9 John Williamson What Washington Means by Policy Reform in Latin American Adjustment How Much has Happened Ed John Williamson Washington DC Institute for International Economics 1990 Emily KrywulskyCorbett William Finnegan The Economics of Empire What Washington Means by the Washington Consensus Harpers Magazine Vol306 No1836 May 2003blackboardTijana Milatovic Week 10 Local Food no green panacea online at httpwwwcbccaconsumerstory20090722consumerlocalfoodhtml Alie BrindAmourMcClureJulia Byrne Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu Will buying food locally save the planet online httpwwwiedmorguploadedpdfnote0210enpdf Alie BrindAmourMcClure Corina Wong Julia Byrne
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