Was Democracy Just A Moment?

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Was Democracy Just a Moment? Democracy may not be the system that will best serve the world. Democracy is a form of determinism driven by our own ethnocentricity. Democracy Are Value-Neutral Sudans newly elected democracy led to anarchy, a military regime where only 27% of population could read. In Brazil democracy faces a backlash from millions of badly educated and newly urbanized dwellers in teeming slums, who see few palpable benefits to Western parliamentary systems. Both a middle class and civil institutions are required for successful democracy, democratic Russia which inherited neither from the Soviet regime, remains violent, unstable, and poor despite 99% literacy rate. America cannot establish democracy over the world. Haiti with 22,000 American soldiers dispatched on the island, only 5% participated in an election, chronic instability continues, and famine threatens. Rwanda: The new political parties became masks for ethnic groups that organized murderous militias, and the coalition nature of the new government led to the ge
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