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Midterm outline and review from the Fall Semester

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Political Science
John Haines

POL208MIDTERMREVIEW #1 PART1)DEFINITIONOFCONCEPTS PART2)ESSAY,CHOICE1OF2(USINGTHEMOVIES) Nuclear Weapons 1. NatureDoctrine of Nuclear Weapons 2. Proliferation and its dangers 3. Non-proliferation - HiroshimaNagasaki, are the only times nuclear weapons were used o 1,200 tonnes of TNT o Now reached millions of tonnes of TNT per nuclear weapon - The blast itself, the heat and the radiation afterwards are the components of the bomb in which caused the most destrc ution o Two types fission and fusion o Both need uranium or plutonium (cannot be found inan ture therefore very expensive to cultivate) - The size of the nukes have gotten smaller with innovation o For example now planes can have multiple nukes on board - Nuclear weapons are deterrence weapons o Deterrence: 1. Psychological factor:the actor must be prepared that their own country will have complete destruction because any nuclear attack will be responded o 2. Capacityfactor:capacity to launch a second strike after being hit first. Example a responsive strike can besent from planes, submarines etc therefore the country that strikes first is never safe o Extended Deterrence:the theory that a country without nuclear weapons will be protected by a country with nukes o Deterrence should be seen in the eyes of the opponent o Most European weapons are double key method. Thus the US has power in majority of western missiles o Missile Defence:missiles that will counter incoming missiles. Missile defence does not take deterrence seriously NATOpolicy of first use if necessary,NATO will use nuclear weapons first - Proliferation:3 model explanations 1. Security Model:basic REALIST nuclear proliferation since world is anarchy and self help a country will do whatever it can to defend itself. For example: Building Nuclear Weapons i. for example MANHATTAN project in the US existed because the United States were threatened by Nazi Germanys attempt to build Nuclear Weapons ii. Proliferation calls for MORE proliferation
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