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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
J.Y Haine

Realism Statism is the centre of realism This involves two claims first for the theorists the state is the preeminent actor and the other actors in world actors in world politics are of lesser significance Second state sovereignty signifies the existence of an independent political community one which has juridical authority over its territorySurvival The key objective of all states is survival This is the supreme national interests to which all political leaders must adhereSelfHelp No other state or institutions can be relied upon to can your survival Security Dilemma According to WheelerBooth security dilemma exists when the military preparations of one state creates a irresolvable uncertainty in the mind of another as to whether those preparations are for defensive purposes only to enhance its security and a uncertain world or whether they are for offensive purposes to change the status quo to its advantageThis scenario suggests that one states quest for security is often another states source of insecuritypower is than relative Balance of power the most common definition holds that if the survival of a state or a number of weaker states is threatened by a hegemonic state or coalition of stronger states they should join forces establish a formal alliance and seek to preserve their own independence by checking the power of the opposing sidesThe balance of power seeks to ensure equilibrium of power in which case no one state or coalition of states is a position to dominate all the others The B of P exists because there is a lack of trust seeks to maintain peaceClassical Realism Human Nature Thucydides The Pelo Wars International politics is driven by an endless struggle for power which has its roots in human nature Justice law and society have either no place or are circumscribedMachiavelli The Prince Political realism recognizes that principles are subordinated to policies the ultimate skill of the state leader is to accept and adapt to the changing power political configurations and world politicsMorgenthau Politics among nations Politics is governed by laws that are created by human nature The mechanism we use to understand international politics is through the concept of interest defined in terms of power
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